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Paleo Challenge day 23

Is this diet easier than low carb?

Hmm- yes and no.

I was and am an avid proponent of low carb living, but I have definitely absolved the paleo lifestyle hook line an sinker. I’m in. I’m convinced that if it is of this earth, eat it. If it’s processed, died, flavor enhanced, refined, etc. It’s crap.

What’s great about loving in modern times is the ability to “paleo-fy” any recipe from sweet potato French fries to pizza and invariably it is better than it’s counterpart.

But is the diet easier than low carb?

No, As I have written before- except there are aspects to it that are easier than low carbing- for starters- snacks!

Fruit. Can it get any easier?

Sorry but walking around with almonds sucks because ive never met an almond that didn’t make me thirsty. You need two snacks to eat nuts.

Furthermore, there high in calories.

Fruit is neither of those things.

Is the food better than low carbing? Eh- I don’t know- yes- but it requires a lot more work and more planning.