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Shaun T Insanity Day 48

I screwed up the calendar- this workout I should have done on day 47- and 47 I should have done today. This is a far more strenuous workout than The balance one I did yesterday- I wonder if I needed more of a recovery style workout today because I was ragged from the beginning, but towards the end of part 1 I picked up steam.

Part 1? Yep- 2 DVDs today- the max cardio conditioning for 45 minutes and cardio abs for 15. I’m writing this in between- I just finished up conditioning and abs is just waiting for me to hit play.

12 more days and im done with this craziness. 🙂 at the end of week 7 I’ve lost about 8 pounds, but physically, I am more capable. Im running faster and jumping higher- I’ll be honest, it’s not what I wanted at the end of the program- I want to be chiseled out of stone- but I’ll take it, and hey, i still got 12 more days to go. 🙂

Shaun T Insanity Day 47/60

I’ll be honest- I’m writing this much later than I usually write my daily debriefs- I had a lot of good ideas that I was looking forward to getting down and sharing, but I’ll be damned if I remember them now. Oh well, guess they couldn’t have been that good.

Today was cardio and balance- a throwback to one of the workouts from month 1.

Shaun T Insanity day 46

It’s 8:21 as I write this; just wrapped up Max Recovery. It is about 47 minutes, and is considerably easier than the other workouts to, according to Shaun T, give your muscles a rest. But who knows, maybe he was just lazy the day they taped it.

14 more days to go- then I’ll move on to a different program.

I’m practically a zombie.

My resting heart rate is between 38-42 beats per minute. At first we thought the iPhone app was wrong- so then we did it manually and sure enough got the same result.

Here’s some irony for you (or for me for that matter)…

Lower heart rates in the 40 and 50s range- are found among athletes. The norm is between 60 and 100- but above 90 is a bit high. Higher ones, like above 100, are found in those who are the most stressed.

I feel anxious and stressed and think every cold I get is cancer- and yet, I have one in 40s. And I’d rather sit here and write articles on my iPhone then pick up a weight- or myself as a weight when doing insanity.

But I need to make sure I look good in case my girlfriend leaves me, so it’s time to go fire up my second Insanity workout for the day. Im on day 48/60.

Day 45 Shaun T Insanity

Max Plyo. 55 minutes.

Same as the last time, only I was better at it.

I don’t know. As I come down to the last 15 days, I’m a little less enthusiastic about the program. While I’m more agile and aerobically stronger, and my ability to perform body weight exercises is the best it’s ever been, it’s not why I am doing Insanity. I really just wanted to get ripped.

My girlfriend said, “it’s not going to happen overnight,” but “pshh- this aint my first rodeo.”

But it’s not over yet, and maybe a miracle happens in the mirror at the stretch of Shaun T’s Insanity. One thing I know for sure is I did everything I was supposed to and ate everything I was supposed to, and didnt eat what I wasn’t supposed to.

Day 44 Shaun T Insanity

It is 11:48 PM as I write this- eeked out day 44 on day 44 with 12 minutes to spare.

Commitment baby. Be OCD about it; why the eff not?!

Woke up late- 7:50 AM- out the door at 8:37 to be at work at 9. Had beach volleyball, as I do every Tuesday, at 6 PM- afterwards, instead of going out with the team, headed to my girlfriend’s place to bang out Max Cardio Circuit on day 44 of Insanity- a 59 minute workout- that gets easier every time you do it- I promise to all those in the middle of Insanity or considering taking the plunge and going for it.

I considered doing an AM workout and PM workout tomorrow and letting tonight slide, but then I wouldn’t be in it to win it, by my standards at least- also, I don’t want to let Insanity go on a day longer than it needs to.

7 hours until my next workout. Good night!

Shaun T Insanity Day 41/60

“you know what time it is?”. I asked my housemate. “it’s time to dig deeper.”

“you’re doing the Insanity workout?”. She asked.


“I’ll get the popcorn.”

I worked out at my place instead of my girlfriends this weekend because she was away; I’ll usually do at my girlfriends place because it has higher ceilings, but oh well, I sucked it up and did it in our living room.

This workout is called max plyo- it’s an intense 45-50 minute workout- I was
Sweating so much that it tasted like a big gulp of salty ocean water when it went into my mouth (that’s what she said).

Like I said, you have to just not give a fuck whatever people think when your’e doing this workout, because pure jumping, you’re moving, sweating like crazy, maybe grunting or yelling, and people can hear you. But oh well, it’s just part of the workout 🙂 don’t let it slow you down!