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Free Milk – combine this with the egg deal below- 3 dozen eggs, 1 gallon of milk, $1.47!

Free Milk Coupon

This awesome coupon is available again this morning.  The coupon is for a Free Gallon of Milk with the purchase of 3 Breakfast items and is good for any brand white milk.  You will have to “like” Milk Mustache Campaign on Facebook in order to print your coupon.  The coupon is a Smart Source coupon.

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Milk Mustache Campaign
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Low Carb Coupon’ing – Land-O-Lakes Eggs $0.49 cents at Shoprite

From Living Rich With Coupons…

Land O Lakes Eggs Coupon

There is a new Land O Lakes Eggs printable coupon available.  The coupon is for $0.75 off 1 package of Land O Lakes Eggs and was found at zip code: 12345

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ShopRite has Land O Lakes Eggs on sale this week for just $1.99.  If you received the Land O Lakes coupons from Vocalpoint, you should be in good shape for the sale.  If not, be sure to print this coupon for an AWESOME deal!

Here is the deal:

Land O Lakes Eggs – $1.99

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Yesterday I

Biked 20 miles.  First time on a bike in over 15 years; wasn’t pretty.  Haha, you know how they say you don’t forget how to ride a bike, well, they’re full of sh*t.

Biked with the team I’m joining on a 100 mile journey, a “century ride”, this June.  What’s great is the coaching, people who really know what they’re doing, telling you what to do, how to fix flats, etc.  Plus we’re raising money for cancer research- our team goal is about $110,000 I believe.

Yesterday I

28 up, 28 down – 10x = 1 Lap

Lap 1

Casual speed, hitting every step.


Lap 2


6 flights, casual speed

4 flights, sprint

Repeat 1x

My mentality was that if you’re doing HIIT, about 40% of the time it’s an all out sprint

Lap 3


1 flight, casual speed
1 flight, sprint

Repeat 5x

Lap 4


Started out slow; got faster every flight. By 8 it was a sprint.

Lap 5


Every other step, casual speed

Yesterday I


Cable Mid Pull

DB Standing Shoulder Press, 1 Arm
(couldn’t get a single rep up on 3rd set)
1/2 Starting weight..


PM Stair Climb

28 up, 28 down – 10x = 1 Lap

3 Laps

+ 2 extra flights

I honestly don’t remember how I ran them, but I came in just under 10 minutes

Creatine as a Motivator?

I have to workout for the stair climb today.  I probably don’t “have to”, but I would definitely benefit from it, I guess, I don’t know.  See it’s the shred of difference between something that would “be nice” and “is a must” that is weighing on my right now.  I just got back from my office- I never have to go in on Saturday’s but today I chose to, to assist with something.

Got up at 7:30AM- just got back; it’s noon.

So I would prefer to do nothing, but what the hell.  So I took creatine; every time I take it (which is every time I work out) I kind of feel like it’s a kick in the ass in the right direction.  Just giving it some time to settle in or whatever the hell it does, and then I’ll hit the steps.  Then I’ll be done for the day.  Woo.

No Idea What I’m Doing

Training for the Climb to the Top is kind of just shooting in the dark…

I know the course is 1,215 steps up.  So when I started training two weeks ago, that was my target each time I trained.

Some people say hitting every step is the way to go.  Some say every other.  So I’m mixing it up.

I don’t think I could do the whole course at 100% so I’m mixing that up to when I train.

Then I thought, “I don’t run a marathon every day I train for a marathon, it’s probably the same way with this.”

So this week I did it like a marathon, kind of.

25% of the course on Sunday

50% on Tuesday

75% on Wednesday

Today is Thursday- not sure if I’m running.  If I do I won’t tomorrow.

100% on Saturday.

Also, I’m weight training 4-5x a week because I like not throwing up when I take my shirt off and don’t want to sacrifice that.  Besides, this training for the stairs only takes 20 minutes max.