Monthly Archives: June 2012


Finished my century rode out to Montauk today. For many reasons this will be one of the most memorable experiences of my life and for the positive; looking forward to sharing it later. Hope y’all are having fun pour there!


Greetings from Disney World

Hey everybody, what’s going on?

My trip ends tomorrow 😦 but looking forward to working out soon. We’re staying at the animal kingdom lodge (photos below) it has a great gym, but I didn’t bother bringing my cross trainers because eff it. It’s not why I’m here- this is the first time we’re here not running a billion miles (exaggerated for effect) in a while.

Definitely off the paleo-horse this week, but everything I’ve eaten has been well worth it.

My girlfriend made reservations for us last night at Narcoossee’s at The Floridian; she wanted to celebrate completing my Master’s Degree. I’m glad she made them without asking me- very $$$- I would never have made the request.

But- man- was it good.

Started out with crab cakes and a cheese plate.

But the piece de resistance was the filet mignon topped with a red wine reduction, truffle oil, gorgonzola cheese- actually, it wasn’t topped with it- the they were surrounding the meat cooked rare.

I’ve learned topping or overusing sauces and accompaniments is done either by a unconfident chef or to mask inferiorities in the dish. Neither was the case here- also, the dessert was their toasted almond cheesecake; for which they are known. One word: wow.

We have pictures on her phone otherwise I’d post them right now.

We also had unspectacular view of the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. Narcoossee’s is a circular restaurant surrounded by water and just a stones throw away from the theme park.

We’re having a great time- and probably joinin the Disney Vacation Club after this trip because we’re freaks. And we went to the open house and they gave us free cookies and ice cream. 🙂






Day 50 something of Consecutive Paleo

Hey guys, what’s going on?

On day 50 something of strict consecutive paleo- list 9 pounds and I’m committed to it.

But- today I wavered.

Not caved- since I was literally left without options- why? Because I’m in Disney World.

They do have gluten free beer though.

Such is life but a trade off I can live with.

Hope everyone is out there having fun.