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Quick check in

Hey everybody what’s going on?! I’m writing this from a starbucks (shocker) on my iPhone- so please forgive any misplaced “autocorrects.”

Haven’t been writing lately because I’ve just been out of control busy (who hasn’t, I know). Around the time insanity ended, I said “sh*t! I have a half marathon in less than two weeks.”

I had hardly been training- though I did participate in some scheduled runs theoughout the summer- the NYC underwear run for starters, and the summer run series which was essentially a 3, 5 it 10 mile run at a different state park each Monday.

Needless to say, I laced up my Brooks and started running again. Day 1 was a 7 Miler in what is considered to be one of the toughest cross country runs in the northeast- big thanks to my running enthusiast girlfriend for that one (eye roll). It was fine- a true testament to the cross training potential of Insanity, I’d say.

But since then just doing about 2 and 3 and 4 mile runs during the week- I have a 10 Miler schedule for Saturday and then on Sept 30; the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon (13.1 miles) as part of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Definitely looking forward to it.

After that, buying some Vibrams and entering the world of barefoot running. Just so you know, I hate running, but it’s all good- it’s just a motivator to get faster and shave time off my miles- when you run fast you don’t have to run as long, but you go just as far.

Hope everybody is out there and having fun with their workouts!!

Goofy Challenge- I must be Insane.

Let’s be real for a second- we’re adults.  I only started running to meet women, and in that regard, I was pretty successful.  So now that that’s out of the way, how could I let my girlfriend convince me to run a half-marathon (13.1 miles) on Saturday and a full-marathon (26.2) on Sunday, Jan 7 & 8?

Well, for starters, it’s in Disney- that’s always a plus.  And I guess the starter is also the finisher.  Because there’s no other reason.  I just signed-up. I must be insane.

Shaun T Insanity day 63/63

Sorry for not posting this sooner- apparently I had it set to draft and not publish…

Happy with the final numbers. My first session number are in ( ). They all went up except for switch kicks- by I think that’s because my form was so much better and my range of motion as well- there was a lot more power in them.

These were part of the fit test- you do each exercise for a full minute getting as many in as possible.

Switch kicks- 68 (82)
Power jacks- 62 (41)
Power knee- 78 (52)
Power jump- 36 (25)
Globe – 9 (8)
Suicide jump- 14 (9)
Push up jacks- 42 (23)
Oblique push ups- 56 (36)

Shaun T day 62/63

Last day of the program before the fit test tomorrow- I was dragging a bit because I worked at a bar the night before. I cook and carry bottles of liquor, cases of beer, ice, all kinds of shit- up and down stairs all night. I love working there- it’s a lot of fun.

I usually do work on Saturdays and I’m off from Insanity on Sundays- this time, not the case. Work Friday night, get in at 6 AM. So I was dragging at times through it, but it’s all good.

Today was max conditioning and cardio abs. Two DVDs that as soon as I was done with, went back to bed. 🙂

1 more day baby- woo!!

Day 61/63, Shaun T Insanity

Max Plyo- I keep forgetting to look up what plyometric workouts are, but whatever.

It feels good to be almost done with the program- I’ve been hard on it, but I’m definitely in the best athletic shape of my life. I’m jumping higher- evident by the fact that I’ve been coming dangerously close to a fan accident; something that didn’t happen at the start of Insanity- 61 days ago. 😉

So there’s this exercise, power pushups- I’ve written about them before but basically it’s a pushup where you bring your whole body up so that you’re standing and touching your toes- or so I thought…

I couldn’t figure out how the people on the video were going so much faster than me- it turns out it’s because I was doing it wrong. Shocker.

Instead of going into a 90 degree standing position- you bring your legs in- so they’re bent and your backs a 45 degree angle.

2 more days.