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Day 27/60

Without a doubt my strongest workout. I felt on fire during the warm-up, despite This week having been rough physically.

“you’ll never step into the same body of water, twice.” is an Asian proverb, and you never wake up in the same body, either. Today was definitely a reminder of how true it is.

Even though it was my strongest, the level 2 drills are still an ass kicker. I guess they always will be. Its interval training and you push yourself to do as many as you can with right form in the allotted time- so whether your pushing yourself to do 5 or 50 your still pushing yourself.

One thing I want to highlight is the importance of just not getting discouraged- I think it would be really easy to do that following this program, because it’s really tough at some points to get up and keep going. But just because your down during one exercise doesnt mean you won’t be up for the next one.

If I give up, theres no one else in the room so the only one losing out is myself. I’d rather lay on the floor and listen to the DVD than shut it off and watch tv.

But today was without a doubt my strongest workout. So that’s good. Hope everyone us having a good weekend.

Shaun T’s Insanity Day 25/60

Today is a double DVD day, Pure Cardio and Cardio abs.  My floor work with the abs, not crunches though, was significantly stronger than when I started the Insanity program, however when I was going through Pure Cardio I was hurting.

I think being a 6 day a week program, Insanity is taxing on the body.  It really is a workout- whether it’s great or not- I’ll wait for day 61 to throw down the gauntlet along with my opinion.  Either way, I’m in it and committed, and I do enjoy it for the most part.

But like I said, man it’s taxing- I felt like I had 10 pounds on my back when I was going through the exercises today.  When I jumped for the power jacks- a squat postion up into a jumping jack, and back down again- it felt like my arm bone was going to disconnect from my shoulder- not so much in a pain-ful way.  Hard to explain; it was rough, but I powered through.

I’m Just Going to Come Right out And Say it

Almonds, cashews and the like suck.  Yeah they are Plan-A approved and good for low carb dieters, but they’re really high in calories- and for just a snack, at least for me, they do nothing to fill me up.  Plus they’re really expensive to be left so unsatisfied.

I know LC’ers say you don’t have to count calories, but I’m not really convinced on that issue- I think it’s being stuck in that “anti-calorie” mindset that keeps LC’ers from going from good to great to God-like in the gym.  At some point, you do have to count calories, at least I believe so.

Shaun T’s Insanity Day 22/60

Today is the pure cardio DVD and cardio abs DVD. It lasts about 50 minutes total between the two workouts.

Pure cardio is really intense; it’s non stop an obviously designed to bring your heart rate up for 12 minutes, then down for 30 seconds, then back up again, repeat.

Some of the exercises are brutal, and others not so brutal. What I learned today, or at least realized, was that even if you’re dragging during something like the level 2 drills- which feel like an eternity- don’t think that you’ll be out of commission for the rest of the DVD.

The next exercise may be (and in this case is) push-up jacks. Where you’re in a push up position, and when you go down your legs go out and then back in when you go up. I banged out those a lot easier than the level 2 drills- so it’s a good thing I didn’t say “f*€k this” and then shut off the tv before I got up o them- not that I would have ever done that anyway 😉

The cardio abs is a combination of exercises on the floor and standing- targeting the oblique and core. It lasts about 15 minutes- total, the two DVDs are 53 minutes and are the longest workout I’ve done as part of the Insanity training.

A friend of mine bought Insanity the other day on my recommendation- I hope he likes it.

Day 9 Insanity

Day 9

“Why do I do this? Because I want to look gooooooood!!!”. Shaun T says as hes going through the exercises of the pure cardio routine on day 9/60 of Insanity.

That’s why I’m here too, Shaun T; glad to hear we’re on the same page. I’m not stuck in a yoga class hearing about the instructors life time of discovery and drug store Hinduism or everyday drones.

This workout was no effing joke. It is tough! It’s 38 minutes and it is non-stop- the other workouts have breaks built in but pure cardio is pretty intense; after the warmups am the stretching it’s 20+ minutes of aerobic cardio that gets the heart pumping, the blood flowing, and me on the ground trying to push myself up off the floor on minute 16.

I’m loving this; my girlfriend swears I’m looking more trim- I don’t see it but I’m comparing week 1 and 2 photos and I kinda see it, but I’m here for the type of results where there’s no doubt- all in due time; day 9/60s over- can’t wait for tomorrow!

Insanity day 8

Just wrapped up the workout- woo! I love this thing- it’s so fucking tough and a lot of fun to get reduced to a weak little bitch.

What I really love about insanity I that it’s all up to you- you hav returning you need right in font of you- noequipment- just your boy weight to serve as resistance, the limits of your flexibility and the drive you bring to each workout.

No one holds you back and no one but yourself pushes you forward, I dot know what could be better.

I hope it delivers the results it promises because I’m following the plan to the letter so I’ll know for sure if it’s bullshit or not. Woo!

After I went through the workout I headed to a state park for a summer run series that I am apart of, and ran some of my fastest miles. I felt so loose out on the course, but ready to collapse at the end. I think that was a combination of the heat though.

My diet has really been on point. I drink maybe 2 alcohol drinks a week.

Insanity Day 6

Plyometric circuit- 42 minutes

I talk to myself; “yeah baby! Dig! Where’s the energy?!” These are some of the things I say to myself as I go through this workout- I wouldve been louder if I didn’t think I’d wake my girlfriends roommate.

This was the second time I went through this workout- it’s actually the one you do on day 2 as well- i thought it might be easier but nope- in fact it felt tougher- the bottoms of my feet were on fire- i don’t know if they were tight I don’t know if they were worn- all I know is they hurt.

Lauren thinks I might need orthotics- I think she just wants me to need them because she does…

Then she thought it might be the shoes; I’m training with Brooks running shoes; I might get cross trainers.

Either way, the best part is I’m done for the day and week :). I’m off tomorrow (Sunday at the time of this writing) and get back into it on Monday.

Insanity day 4

Got my workout in a little later than I usually like to. I don’t know what happened to me last night, but my body refused to get up without having at least 8 hours sleep.

Set my Alarm for 6:15AM; actually go out of bed at 8:15AM; off to work at 8:40AM.

Regardless, it’s 10 pm as I write this and I’ve been wrapped up with Day 4, cardio recovery, for about an hour.

This was a “relaxed” day by Insanity standards. The workouts were not as fast paced and involved moves performed in yoga studios, but this wasn’t a yoga session by any means.

One part that was particularly challenging was the squat pulses- i don’t know if that’s exactly what they’re called, but it’s something like that- man my inner thighs were
On fire when I brought my legs down into a squat position and than bought my body down in a pulsating manner 16x. Really tough.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m not going to be able to do this entire program in my apartment. Why? The ceilings are too low and I’d hit my head when I’d have to do the jumping moved which fortunately were absent from today’s workout.

Waking up early to drive to my girlfriends tomorrow Morning to do day 5s workout, because I sure as heck can’t do it here. Oh well, day 5/60 starts in 9 hours.


I’m on day 3 of insanity, and I have never been so sore. Wtf have I Been doing with my time in the gym? Wtf have I been doing running 30+ miles a week? Can I get my money back? Because I feel like a 10 pound man trying to push a 90 pound boulder up a hill when I exercise in front of my Lap top playing one of the Insanity DVDs.

But it’s all good. I’m there because I want to be able to do it, not because I can. If there’s anything the practice of yoga has taught me it is that philosophy that I bring with me into the gym- which is now in my apartment or anywhere my DVDs and something that plays them can be found.

The food is really enjoyable. Insanity comes with a nutrition guide that is surprisingly brief. Alot less concerned about drilling in science and nutrition than it is emphasizing approved foods, caloric budgets and th impotence of eating every 3 hours.

My DVDs are at my girlfriends so I couldn’t workout this morning but I will be doing so after work. I’m writing this in a Starbucks on my iPhone wondering what I will eat next- likely Proatmeal. Man, is that stuff filling.

Book Review, Depression Free Naturally, 7 Weeks to Eliminating Anxiety, Despair, Fatigue, and Anger from Your Life

I’m on week 3 of this book, and let me tell you, it has changed my fucking life for the better.  I’d have to be a real dick not to do at least a quick write up on this book- because who knows, it might wind up helping someone.

People who know me personally, or from reading my blog or the Mens Health Forum, may know that for the past two years I have dealt with anxiety disorder.  Over the last few months it has become pretty awful; breathing was difficult, racing thoughts, pounding heart; it pretty much felt like I was going to die.  I was taking Xanex, which helped, but who the fuck wants to be on that their whole life?  I have not taken Xanex in nearly 3 weeks.

It was even more frustrating because I have nothing to be anxious over; which is even more of a mind fuck. 

I typed into Amazon, “become anxiety free” and this book popped up- I did this two months ago, but didn’t actually follow through on the ordering until a month ago, and thank God I did.  Basically, the book says that anxiety and depression often stems from being defficient in vitamins, minerals and amino acids- start taking them and you’ll feel better.  Change your diet, and you’ll feel better.

The diet they perscribe is similar to TNT; mayble closer to The Abs Diet.  Essentially, blood sugar and insulin is the culprite for triggering depression and anxiety in a lot of people.  I noticed for me, that mine would come about whenever I got hungry.

Anyway, this book is great.  Don’t hesitate if you’re dealing with any of this bullshit and are sick of it, as I was.  I take a ton of vitamins now, and feel incredible.  CostCo has a majority of them to control costs.   

Here it is on Amazon.  It’s less than $12 bucks.