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Paleo Update

Hey everyone what’s going on?

It’s good to be a caveman.

On day 17 (I think) of my 30 day paleo, aka caveman diet, challenge. Been trying new recipes- though I cannot stop making the banana pancakes seen below- they’re just so good!

My endurance training has not missed a beat- no adjustment period between the diet and training- bikes 53 miles on Saturday, and a majority of them were uphill and some very steep. My legs were on fire afterwards, but later that night I had a much deserved gluten free beer that I picked up at whole foods.

Lovin’ life. Feeling great. Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Paleo Pancakes Before and After




Serves 2:

4 bananas mashed (though you could get away with three depending; 4 imakes it extra banana-ee (is that a word) 2 eggs
4 tbsp almond butter
Coconut Oil or grass fed butter

Mash bananas
Add to eggs to bananas and mix
Add almond butter and mix

Heat coconut oil in pan (a little kind of goes a longer way than you realize) or grass fed butter

Use a ladle to pour mixture into heated pan.

You could top with maple syrup or honey.

Day 5 of Being a Caveman

Still following the Paleo diet, aka. Caveman Diet, aka. Hunter-gatherer Diet.

Going well.

Meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, repeat.  Throwing lots of spices and stuff on everything I cook, and when I’m not cooking, well, I thought I was annoying at restaurants before- it was pretty mild compared to now.

I feel freaking awesome.  Just really good.  Will continue to check in and let y’all know how it’s going.

Hey everybody

What’s going on?  Day 2 of my Paleo experiment.  So far, so good.  Easy transition from low carb, but certain things that were “on limits” while LC’ing (McDonald’s, Chipotle, regular haunts) have become off-limits. 

It really makes you think about what’s happening to your food when you’re not watching it go into your mouth.

Hope all is well!

Hi Friends

Sorry I haven’t written in a while; I seem to be cramming more and more into each day, making it difficult to do so.

All is well.  Handed in my Masters thesis and should graduate this May.  After 28 years it was the first time I had ever worked on a paper daily, rather than the last week it was due.  Finished it early; felt good.

Can I just say I love working out at home?  Ok I said it.  I just love not having to do the whole 20 minutes round trip of getting to the gym; I know it doesn’t sound like much, but lately literally every minute counts.

So I’ve been doing two Insanity DVDs p/day roughly 4 times a weeks.  I like it more than 1 p/day because I only have to do the lousy stretching and warming up portions of the DVDs once instead of twice.

15 minutes of warming up and stretching?  Seriously?  Don’t you know how many donuts I could eat in that time frame, Shaun T?

My training for the century ride in June is going well.  Was scheduled to go 43 miles this past Sunday; made a wrong turn and went 47.  I’ll take it.

Hope all is well and hope to talk to y’all soon.