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My diet has and working out have never been as in sync as they are right now; I’m feeling awesome about it, and I know that if I was ever going to hit my single-digit body fat percentage goal, now is the time.

I’m down 9 pounds on the scale, and that’s while creatine loading.  So I may have lost even more weight, but it doesn’t matter because I still haven’t hit that physical goal I want.  I could have lost 20 pounds; what does it matter?

I’m trying to scale back calories a bit.  It is difficult to hit too low, because I am hitting 180g of protein p/day.  That’s 720 alone right there in pure protein, and I am currently eating around 1900/2000 calories a day.  This morning I cooked only 3 eggs (down from 4) and did not top them with cheese.  It’s a small change, but may add up. I have about 200 calories in a day in cheese, alone.

Really feeling awesome.  Really fired up.  Hope y’all are too.


Hi from the Blue Point Brewery Run

Nestled in the rural backwoods of Long Island near Patchohugue is a smaller community called Blue Point; which is home to the craft brewery named Blue Point.

This morning the Greater Long Island Running Club hosted a 10 mile run to the brewery; described as a scenic run through an eclectic course.

But the real reason people lace up and run on this winter morn is the unlimited beer and festival style atmosphere at the brewery at the finish line.

Greetings from brewery- unfortunately (or fortunately) the taps weren’t serving my favorite brew of theirs, Hoptical Illusion when I saddled up to the outdoor kegs; which kept my diet plans in check, but there were temptations abound nonetheless- for one, I was starving, for two their were the most decadent looking gourmet cupcakes which sing to me like the beeping of a heart monitor in the hospital room of cardiac patient. Man, I’m poetic. In fact, recently My friend, who produces a show for Japanese television offered me the chance to be on TV if I would eat cupcakes at Magnolia bakery with my girlfriend- but she just haddddd to work- shes one of those shrewd business women types. She also doesn’t read this. And if she does, I’m just kidding.








HFT Week 2

Wrapping up week 2- have my PM session left.  Like McDonald’s ba da ba ba ba…I’m loving it!

Feeling great, especially on the days I’m lifting. I really think doing this is the best gift you could give to yourself, besides getting a hot girlfriend.

I’m seeing results really fast.  I’m starting to look the most trim I’ve ever looked, and my diet is on point like never before, especially with alcohol.

It really isn’t that hard as long as you stay focused and can get to the gym where it’s not packed.  I super set everything- I would do circuits, but don’t know if it’s a great idea combining some exercises when lifting heavy.  Like this afternoon, I have to perform dumbbell rows and then single arm bench at a medium weight; rather than do it in a circuit, I’m giong to pair the bench up with reverse lunges.  I’ll be in and out in less than 30 minutes.

It always feels like more of a pain in the azz on a Friday, but oh well, only two more weeks to go.

Low Carb Coupon’ing – 1/27 – 2/2

Remember- most places double coupons with a printed value of up to $0.99 cents.  King Kullen doubles $1.00 coupons which is great.  There’s plenty of other great deals on other food and home supplies and shiz like that, but I’m only compiling the low carb stuff on this blog- I’ve lifted it all from which is an awesome site for everything related to coupons.  If you have any questions or want tips or whatever, let me know.
Also, if you see a deal you love where the coupons were found in a circular, just head over to Ebay to pick some up- IMO, the $1.00 Hatfield coupons to make ham free @ King Kullen cannot be beat- also, they can be used at Target for free Hatfield Sauerkraut.
King Kullen
Heluva Good! Dip – $1.32
Galbani Mozzarella Ball – $2.50
Tai Pei Entree – $2.50
Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks – $1.99
Frank’s Redhot Hot Sauce – $2.19
Hatfield Ham Steaks – $2.00
  • $1/1 Hatfield Product, exp. 1/31/12 (RP 10/16/11)
  • as low as free after coupon


Hellmann’s Mayonnaise ($5.49) – $3.49

Stop and Shop

French’s Spicy Brown Mustard – $1.00
Coke Zero – .99
Poland Spring Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water – $0.88
  • $1/4 Poland Spring Sparkling Water 1 Liter Bottles (RP 1/08/11)
  • as low as $0.63 each after coupon when you buy 4
Heluva Good Dip – $1.66

Don’t Tell me Dieting is Expensive

The other day, between CostCo and my Coupon’ing…

With Coupons…

20 Pouches of Starkist Tuna – Retail: $43.80PAID: $10.00

16 Bottles of Ken’s Salad Dressing – Retail: $67.04PAID: $8.00

10 Pounds of Italian Sausage and Bratwurst – Retail-  $43.96PAID: $15.96

Retail: $154.80, PAID: $33.96


7.5 Dozen Eggs – PAID: $9.00

5 Pounds of Shredded Cheese – PAID: $6.00

Total: $15.00

Grand Total: $48.96