Gluten Hangover

Hey everybody what’s going on?

As most readers probably know I’ve been following a paleo diet, as outlined on Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution,” since March of 2012.

I was a dedicated low carb’er for 4 years prior, but felt as though I had gone as far as I could go with it, and truth be told, my siding with the “dark side” of low carb’ing, as I deem it, by relying on artificial sweeteners, fast food fixes and other high-tech/low-carb foods, left me feeling as though I had gone astray from healthy eating, even if I had removed grains and processed sugars from my diet.

Naturally, this was by my own design and the low carb path needn’t lead somewhere here anymore than a heavy metal album may lead someone to satanic rituals, but I needed something different and based on the results I had seen my paleo friends getting from their diet, my own research and focusing on foods in their most natural form, I was a convert from the beginning.

Paleo recipes rival or smash that of their gluten and dairy rich counterparts. People ask me all of the time if it is difficult to stick to, probably because they a) think it’s nuts, but b) they hear what it’s all about and it makes sense. The short answer to the question is yes. It is difficult to stick to.

The pre-made, grab and go solutions to hunger are few and far between; which is why as of late I’ve been trying to focus on eating 2x per-day.

The longer answer is “yes- it’s difficult to stick to, but not impossible, and over the short and long term the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. It’s easy to stick to because you will want to. The online community of paleo dieters is awesome and finding recipes is very easy, as are some of the recipes themselves. It is an affordable diet as well.”

This is a little longer than I usually like to write on here and it wasn’t even what I signed on to write about- so I’m’a wrap it up here. Hope everyone’s had a great weekend and if you happen to have Labor Day off, enjoy!

If you have any questions or want to talk paleo, feel free to comment.

Insanity Day 4 – Cardio Recovery

The name of the game during this workout is “breathe.”  Sure it’s important in all of the Insanity workouts, but in this one in particular, because you are holding the same position for extended periods of time, like Yoga, it’s easy to forget or to hold it so you can convince yourself it makes you magically more flexible, but in reality, it just forces you to exert yourself even more than you would have had you just remembered what your body wants to do naturally, which is brethe


Just wrapped it up.  It feels like an extended session of stretching.  The tempo is turned down big time on this workout, compared to the others.  But your heart rate does elevate and you can make an argument for some brief moments of cardio-exercises, snuck in there by Shaun T.

It lasts about 32 minutes.  Feels longer.  And leaves your quads burning.  Enjoy!


It probably didn’t help that I performed a heavy lifting session this morning; but I’m going hard and loving it.


I say if you get to the gym at 5AM and it’s closed, you still get to count your workout.  Or get a cookie.  Or a donut.  Or both.

Who’s with me!?
*Sigh* So much for getting it in early.

My gym has a fairly liberal 24 hour policy coming off the weekend…

I guess they can’t all be good runs

Man, what an abysmal run I had today.

Set out to do between 10 and 14; punked out at 7.

The heat is unreal- terrible for running.  Should have gotten up much earlier to do this.

Is it the new diet?  Was it the heat?  Was it the 2 glasses of wine last night?

Time will tell I suppose.

Not going to be too down about it, what’s the point?  They all won’t end up the way you want, I guess.

NYC Marathon in less than 3 months.  BOOM!

Insanity Day 5 – Pure Cardio

That’s the name- Pure Cardio.

“Is anyone else nervous about what’s about to happen,” Shaun T says during the 9 minute warm-up (something to that affect).

By the end of the 9 minutes- you think you’re sweating a lot.  By the end of this workout, you KNOW what sweating a lot means. 

This workout is non-stop.  You get a 2 minute break after the warm-up and then the next 25 minutes is you moving through a ton of different cardio-exercises.

I skip the stretching at the end- I’ll cool down on the couch as I pour the top of sweat over this keyboard that might short circuit it.

Man, this workout was fun.  It’s a lot of fun but a lot of work too.

I put a lot into it, but really concentrated on form and breathing.

Breathing right and steady during the workouts is important- it can really break you if you’re not doing it right, so definitely make that a centerpiece of your workout.  Centerpiece?  Err- let’s just blame my vernacular on Insanity.

Hope everyone is having fun out there!


Maybe I’m Schitzophrenic

I needed to get a heavy lifting session in.  OK, does anyone “need” to?

I’ve been waking up, err, having my alarm go off, at 6AM each morning.  I usually get out of bed circa 6:20- today was no different.

Then I sat on the couch.  Then it was 6:30AM.

“I should really go,” I thought.

Then it was 6:40.

“You know, what?  By now it’s probably packed there.  It’ll take 10 minutes to drive to the gym, and 10 minutes to drive back by default.  That’s 20 minutes right there and without touching a weight.”

Then it was 6:45.

“You know what, I’m not going to go.  I want to leave for my office no later than 8AM.  If I leave any later it’s just a whole piece of s*it traffic farm out there.  I’m not going.  It’s not a big deal, right?  I can come home and do an Insanity workout.  I’ll do two.  And I got tomorrow, so I’ll just go tomorrow.  OK- that’s it.”

Then it was 6:52.

“You know what?  I’m dressed for the gym already.  Eff this.  I’m going.  I’m going- shit it’s 6:52.  Eff.  OK, I’m going.”

Took me 5 minutes to get there.  There was no one but one other guy in the weight room.  I was at work 20 minutes early.

Just got home.  Going to fire up an Insanity DVD and then do laundry.  Wild night.