Another Paleo Friendly Beer from Dogfish Head: Teason'ale

Dogfish Head is one of the premiere brewers in the North East and they really have something good here with Tweason’ale.

The name has something to do with it being brewed between two seasons or something like that. It combines shorguram, honey, strawberries and hops to produce something that definitely tastes alcoholic, if not completely like beer.

Make no mistake, there’s room for fruit-tasting beers out in the market- one need look no further than Banana Bread made by- damn I can’t remember who- it is delicious but neither paleo nor gluten-free. But the sweetness in this brewed batch kind of gives it a soda/cider-ish effect; it is balanced however, by the hops added.

Dogfish Head is known for its hoppiness; it brings it to Tweason’ale, but it’s not as beer like as Celia, as I have written of earlier, made by The Alchemist; nor is it as beer life as Red Bridge, a gluten free option from Anheuser Busch; which negates its paleo-purpose by adding corn syrup to the recipe.

Anyway, this is a delicious option, but it is not really a beer substitute. The nutrition label says 13g of carbs and 0g of sugar- that can’t be right, I mean- honey…strawberries…I’m going to write them and see what they say about that.

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