I would say, “it’s only getting worse.”

5 mile run this morning.  Less than 2 months until the NYC Marathon – 26.2 miles through all of the city’s boroughs.
Ran it in 43 minutes.

I really got into a good place mentally this morning.  Around mile 4 I was  like, “eff man this sucks.  My legs feel a thousand pounds, I’m sore from my double workout yesterday,” bitchbitchbitch blahblahblah…
At some point during my running tenure I realized, “whether you’re running 26 miles or 5 it’s always the last mile that sucks the most,” so today I said, “what would I tell myself if I was running 7 miles today? ” and I replied at mile 4.2 “it’s only getting worse.”

It sounds stupid but it really brought me to a better place.
The street I ran home on for my last .5 is narrow enough for one car, primarily used by bikes and runners, surrounded by bungalows rockin’ the Pier 1 beach decor. For what I guess was every .15 miles I’d pick a target and focus and think about nothing but that.  And I sprinted the whole way back.  It was great- I didn’t allow myself to think about the sweat, my shorts that won’t stay up, the burgeoning inflammation my legs, I just sprinted and finished it in 3 minutes.

Am I off tomorrow?

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