Shaun T’s Insanity – Day 8

Day 8 was a repeat of Cardio Power.

It’s a really intense workout, as I have written previously.

By the time we got to the floor exercises, say 26 minutes in, I think the floor wiped itself with me.  Bringing your legs in and out, side to side, jumping up, back down in a plank position, oh and a couple of push-ups and floor sprints proved to be difficult.
I did a heavy weight lifting session this morning and I couldn’t help but relish in the irony over the congratulations I gave myself this morning over a new personal best with decline bench presses.
Still, Insanity is all about giving 100% of what you got- it may not look pretty or as no-nonsense as the people in the video make it, but that’s why they’re there, and I’m at home with my hands on the floor in a plank wondering when the last time I vacuumed was as I dust sand off my hands.

I really hope anyone interested in Insanity just picks it up- it is grueling, but it doesn’t pretend not to be- it’s not called, “eh, it’s kinda crazy,” it’s called Insanity 🙂 but you get your moneys worth with every session.

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